The 6 Fundamental Movements

Most people cringe when they smell dirty underwear or food gone rancid. I cringe when I see poorly executed exercise programs and bad form. Too many "10min fat burning routines" or "Get shredded fast" routines are out there. Most of these routines are poorly designed and prone to lead to many muscular imbalances and injuries in the long run. If you want to lose weight, get toned, gain muscle, be healthy, have more energy etc. You MUST learn how to move properly first, once you can do that, every goal that you have wanted to achieved can be achieved, you just have to move!


This blogs main focus is to educate you about the most fundamental movements that should be incorporated in a workout program. Dan John, one of the best strength coaches in the world came up with the big 5. I added a couple more movements as accessory and corrective work:

  • Push (Push ups, Bench press, Shoulder press, Sled Push)
  • Pull (Rows, Lat pulldowns, Hamstring Bridges, Sled Pull)
  • Hinge (Deadlifts, Single leg RDL's)
  • Squat (Squats, lunges, lateral lunges, step up's)
  • Loaded Carries (Farmer carries, Waiter walks)
  • Rotation (Wood Chops, Cable rotations) and Anti-Rotation (Pallof press, planks with one leg extended to side)

If these 6 movement patterns are not incorporated in a weekly workout routine, a lot of muscle imbalances start happening and you are more prone to injuries over time. Most of us(including myself) do too much sitting and slouching with our eyes glued to the screen all day already. Then we do a lot of Push, Crunching and Squats, but not enough Pulling, Hinging and Loaded carrying exercises that cause our entire posture starts changing from bad... To worse.

My old man used to smack me on the back every 10 min to make me sit straight I was a kid. Then one day he got so fed up that he tied a cross to my back forcing me to sit up straight, that didn't work very well for my self-esteem, nor did it last very long. My posture only started getting better once I started working out correctly with the right selection of movements and incorporated corrective strategies to loosen up the tight muscles that are pulling our posture forward instead of pulling us upright. 

But main take away today is incorporate all 6 fundamental movements into your workout routine and you'll see a lot more balance and complete program!


Comment below if you have any questions!

Stay Healthy, Stay Motivated!