Integrating Pain Management with Fitness

On the field. In the gym. Or even just playing with the kids in the living room. The goal here is to Move Freely and Live Fully.
The fact is, the human machine is amazing. We can - with the right strategy - adapt to once again move like we used to.
Remember what it felt like to do what you love without that nagging pain?
We help you get there again. 

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“We Help You Figure Out WHY, Then Teach You HOW”

We realized that in most cases, the body has lost access to be able to move well - because of compensations that we developed over time - leading to injuries and pain.

So we combined over 25 techniques to unlock the body’s potential to be able to move again, then re-teach the movement’s that will help the body progress into better function.

We opened this space to help Reset the body’s fundamentals, Increase movement awareness - which in turn - helps manage or reduce pain.

All customized to what you need and where you want to progress to.



Using specific movement assessments and Neurokinetic Therapy, we strive to identify the root cause of your pain and break down what's really going on with your body.



Then, we rebuild the foundation so you can do any workout you desire using a wide variety of body-weight and strength training movements, we build a custom plan that develops a strong, pain free body.



With a solid fundamental baseline, we help you challenge the body, set new goals, and once again have fun.

Some Cool Things Happen During Our Consultations and Sessions

Chris Bailey.jpg

"Within minutes of his treatment I felt lots of relief from the pain and discomfort that I had become used to. My wife sat in disbelief as I was able to bend at the waist and touch my toes with no hesitation

Chris B.