The Disconnect in the health and fitness industry

New groundbreaking research is being released every month. New professionals are coming up with different strategies to implement and help people alleviate pain. And that's amazing to see. I'm super grateful to be a part of this community.

hough there seems to be a disconnect in the different professions. I just learned that the Obesity rate just increased to 40% in america this year. So how can the number of health and fitness professionals be exponentially rising each year, but the same is happening with Obesity? Something is not right. What the heck is happening?

In my opinion. I think it's because we all think "our system" is the best, and not enough health and fitness professionals like to integrate their practice with different practices in fear they might lose business.

I feel that this is probably the biggest downfall of the health and fitness industry. We all signed up for the same cause, to help people feel better and have a better quality of life. Yet we fight over business, the business of sick people and people in pain. I feel we should all unite to the same cause and find some common ground in each profession. There is always something that overlaps that we can all see eye to eye on.


But we need to have a good understanding of what other professions really do. Not just what we "think" their profession does. Eg. We probably think that a chiropractor just cracks joints, an acupuncturist just pokes you with needles, doctors just give you pills, a trainer makes you sweat etc. But that is all a VERY generalized perception of what they really do. There is so much that goes on in each profession and if we take the time to learn from each profession instead of judging them. We might just end up making a difference in this worldwide obesity crisis going on.

It's not the food, lack of movement, sitting too long, drugs etc. that is causing this. It is all of it combined. And I'm thinking the root cause is actually because of the disconnect from each other. We live in a world that is connected with technology but disconnected with human connection. And that is not helping anybody.

In conclusion. I feel we should just all learn, grow and help each other. We all have a common goal. To help people feel better, move better and be happy right? If so, what the heck are we fighting about? Let's begin to put all the best practices together and create something that will make a true difference in this world.

all me naive but thinking this way is probably better than fighting over who has the bigger stick.


Andy Hsieh
Founder of Movement Reborn