I was 22 in a 60 year old body

When I was 17, I was the skinny kid, 5'5" at 118lbs. I could literally fit in a basin. I wanted to gain a lot of muscle, So I did. Packed on about 40lbs of muscle in a few years. At 22, I was the biggest and strongest I've ever been in my life. But I felt like crap (I hid it from everyone, even myself). I was always tired, aching, bloated, stiff, sleeping poorly and I had no idea why. I kept looking for a solution to actually feel my age or even younger.

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Back then I was obsessed with getting fit and looking good. "Push past the pain" was how I lived because that's what every "fitness pro" I followed back then told me. Only slowly did I realize that yes, almost everyone wants to look good. Because we think that looking good will make us feel good, more confident, be healthier etc. I learned the hard way that this mentality was completely false. I was at the peak of my youth and ideal weight, but never felt more alone, unsatisfied and most of all, in pain.

Then this quote stumbled across my news feed one day... and it really resonated with me. And finally learned that there is a difference between feeling good and looking good.

I poured all my money into attending every workshop, book, course I could find. I mentioned this in my previous articles too.

Over the years, I found some awesome systems to help reset the fundamentals to help your body feel like a kid again. Ironically, it's simply doing things that you were doing when you were a kid. And these workouts were even harder than lifting weights when I first got started.

But over time, I felt looser, fitter, stronger and started doing some kick-ass stuff that I didn't know what possible, with MUCH less pain and stiffness than I did a few years ago. And it keeps getting better over time. I now feel like a 27 year old in a 27 year old body. And the goal is to feel 30 when I'm 60. I firmly believe that if you keep doing the fundamentals and learn to "feel your body" more every day. You will age much slower and feel better as you keep aging. Obviously, time will catch up in the end. But the idea is to die young as late as possible. And that is the path I chose to live my life. I wonder if that might be yours too.


Now I've worked with over a 100 trainers. What sucks is barely 10% of them get their clients on the floor and play around because they think other people will judge them and call them a "bad trainer" that does not know what they are doing. We still think that these don't "get people results". But we have not taken the time to really try and work on it. It's truly awesome and super powerful.

If you're not rolling around on the floor for your workouts, I highly recommend you do. You'd be surprised what happens to your body. Don't care about the other people watching or judging. They have no idea what this is... but I'm hoping if you keep doing it and feel better ever time you try it. Others will start to take notice and ask you what your secret it. I feel this is what will shift the mentality of what health and fitness actually is.

It's simply movement, of any kind, that will lead you to become a healthier and better version of yourself.

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