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Andy Hsieh, ACE-CPT, NKT, OS, USAW, KBA.
Movement Specialist, Owner.

Life long goal to live past 125 years old pain free, continue teaching, motivating and finding a way to bring down the worldwide obesity crisis by 20% in his lifetime. Helping people move better is the start.

Andy, a curious person that has been though a lot of pain. "bad knees", "lower back L5-S1 disk degeneration from age 13, consistent neck pain, dislocated both shoulders and overall "bad joints". Didn't stop him from consistently finding out ways to get out of pain but still be able to perform athletically in everything he wants to do.

He has spent the past 9 years networking with over 30* of the top trainers, physical therapists, doctors, healers, body workers and chiropractors in the industry, attending countless workshops, certifications and seminars. Pulling in all their best practices into his own style of training and figuring out why people are in pain and how to get rid of it.

Weight loss, getting stronger, building muscle, toning up, rehab. No matter what ones goals are. It all begins with one thing, Movement. The trick is to know what type and how to do it right. Yet everyone is built differently, and the little details matter.

So he got good at doing the right assessments to see how everything is linked. Then he figures out with each client what works best for them and goes from there.

*Namely: Dean Somerset, Dr. Perry Nickelston, David Weinstock, Dan John, Joe Arco, Dr. Emelie Splecial, Michol Delcourt, Tim Andersen, Coach Stevo, Brian Grasso to name a few.


Ryan Neuwirt- CMT, CPT, PES

Trainer, Massage Therapist

Ryan has never settled when it comes to health. He refuses to believe that aging has to mean a loss of function or being in more pain. His dream is to show others through movement, massage therapy, education, and good attitude that they don’t have to subscribe to the stereotypes of aging that our society has adopted.

Ryan knew he wanted to be a trainer from the time he was a junior in high school. After losing over 30lbs through wrestling and consistent work in the gym, and in the kitchen, he realized that his calling was in the fitness industry. He has over 3 years of experience in the fitness industry and over 9 years in exercise experience. He has enjoyed being a volunteer wrestling coach at San Marcos High school where his brother competes, and working with young athletes to develop correct, safe movement and exercise technique.

When he isn’t helping others, you can find him hiking, mountain biking, on his motorcycle, with family and friends or reading.