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Original Strength - Pressing Reset - July 27th

With Seth Munsey

We will teach you how to use the human developmental system to understand why your client may move in a particular way or may be stuck getting to the next level. In this certification, you will learn how and why the human body is capable of remembering its original design for movement. You will be able to use what you learn on yourself, clients of any age, health or physical condition (as long as they are medically cleared to live). This certification will help you change lives, possibly even yours.

We will discuss:

The three pillars of OS

The OS Big 5 RESETs (including breathing, head control, rolling, rocking, and contralateral movements)

The definition of reflexive strength and stability

What is the vestibular system and why it’s so important

What neuroplasticity means to your life

Why OS views things from a Good, Better, Best perspective

Which regression or progression work best for your body

How to Press RESET using the OS System

How to help your clients/patients achieve more

How to implement the system into daily use and increase client compliance


MoveNat Workshop August 23rd - 25th - Level 1.

August 26th &27th - Level 2.

The MovNat Level 1 Trainer Certification covers the foundations of Natural Movement® Fitness. The program includes lectures on concepts and modalities, essential movements, coaching & teaching strategies, and dietary & lifestyle recommendations. The movement training includes small group sessions in which attendees are instructed & evaluated in MovNat techniques. These small training sessions are essential for engaging in dialogue and critique of movements. Methods are discussed for optimizing both an individual’s movements and how to instruct others.


IKN Approach. October 12th and 13th

With Kyle Paxton and Ryan Foley

This is a 16 hour 2-day in person course open to anyone who is interested including physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, osteopaths, and medical doctors. This course will provide an extremely detailed understanding of the IKN approach focused at decreasing pain and improving overall function

Attendees can expect to dive into great detail about the fundamental principles of our system and how to help themselves, but more specifically patients and clients to achieve stronger more pain free bodies.


Parkour Movement Fundamentals November 2nd and 3rd

with Dan Edwards

In the intensive Movement DNA workshop you will be exposed to new ways of thinking about physical foundation concepts such as strength, agility and resilience.

We will explore how and why some movement practices create truly adaptive, dynamic and coordinated individuals through a constraints-led model of motor practice. We will learn fundamental practical movement skills and principles and apply them in a variety of situations to explore our movement potential.

We will study the vital difference between developing the function and a function of the human body, understanding why elite performance often precludes health and why the modern definition of strong is anything but.

We will learn why training outside, in context, is an essential addition to any health/fitness program, in terms of both physical and mental health.

We will experience the truth that movement is a neural matter, and that it is your mind and not your body which limits your movement potential.


Adaptable Polarity with Jordan Terry

November 16- 17th 2019

At its simplest form, Adaptable Polarity Series (APS) developed from the idea that we, as humans, need to adapt to all sorts of occasions in our lives, and the world that we live in is continually moving and consistently inconsistent. This movement of life does however have a fundamental principle to flow from one pole to another: night to day, summer to winter etc. It is everywhere in the universe, and from this principle the idea of Adaptable Polarity Series was born.

APS is a dynamic system of touch, awareness, assessing and testing that allows anyone to work with the structure and flow of the human body while simultaneously adding to and honoring each individuals tool box of modalities, skills, and current level of awareness. Additionally, APS helps to provide an organization to any therapist’s individual tool box recognizing there is a place and space for everything.


many more to follow!

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Original Strength - Press Reset Workshop

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