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Joseph Schwartz

Jan 26th - 27th 2019

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment

With Joseph Schwartz: Movement Mantra

Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ (DNA™) is the therapeutic application of The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains kinesiology charts.

In DNA™ we use movement as a benchmark. Our assessment strategies evaluate the response of the nervous system.

As we gain discernment between an appropriate and inappropriate response, we can then use laser focus in our corrective strategies to restore optimal neuromuscular sequencing.


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) - Feb 16th - 17th 2019

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a dynamic technique that stretches muscles, tendons, and fascia specific to anatomical planes of movement. It remodels the body using gentle, rhythmic movements that avoid triggering the myotactic reflex, which causes a contraction in the tissues being stretched. Utilizing the principles developed by Aaron Mattes, this unique stretching modality restores joint mobility, reduces muscular/fascial tension, changes neurology and improves circulation


March 3rd - 4th 2019 - Stick Mobility

The Level-1 Certification is a two day course that is primarily hands on. We will keep class sizes small (capped at 30) so that you will learn the fundamental principles and movements that will give you a great foundation on which to build upon.

This class can be physically and neurologically demanding for participants. Be prepared, as the class will be about 30% lecture and 70% hands on


Moving with The Maestro: April 27th - 28th 2019

Maestrofy your approach to treatment! You asked, I listened, so here it is. This 2-day course is an introduction to how I assess and treat, with a heavy emphasis on the nervous system and of course, movement. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve got planned for you:

BRIEG Course Outline:

Day 1

A human development approach to movement

Inspector Gadget Hour

Identifying the most common movement dysfunctions: Do biomechanics matter?

Don’t Guess, Assess

Step-by-step assessments to determine the cause of movement dysfunction: mobility stability, motor control

Day 2

Opening the Neurological Window*

The role of touch and modalities

Seducing the Nervous System

How to apply these concepts as soon as you get back to the clinic

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many more to follow!

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