Parkour Movement Fundamentals November 2nd and 3rd
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Parkour Movement Fundamentals November 2nd and 3rd

In the intensive Movement DNA workshop you will be exposed to new ways of thinking about physical foundation concepts such as strength, agility and resilience.

We will explore how and why some movement practices create truly adaptive, dynamic and coordinated individuals through a constraints-led model of motor practice. We will learn fundamental practical movement skills and principles and apply them in a variety of situations to explore our movement potential.

We will study the vital difference between developing the function and a function of the human body, understanding why elite performance often precludes health and why the modern definition of strong is anything but.

We will learn why training outside, in context, is an essential addition to any health/fitness program, in terms of both physical and mental health.

We will experience the truth that movement is a neural matter, and that it is your mind and not your body which limits your movement potential.

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IKN Approach. October 12th and 13th
to Oct 13

IKN Approach. October 12th and 13th

With Kyle Paxton and Ryan Foley

This is a 16 hour 2-day in person course open to anyone who is interested including physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, occupational therapists, osteopaths, and medical doctors. This course will provide an extremely detailed understanding of the IKN approach focused at decreasing pain and improving overall function

Attendees can expect to dive into great detail about the fundamental principles of our system and how to help themselves, but more specifically patients and clients to achieve stronger more pain free bodies.

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Rethinking Movement Flagstaff Arizona - Sept 7-8th 2019 - With Andy Hsieh and Jesse Prescott
to Sep 8

Rethinking Movement Flagstaff Arizona - Sept 7-8th 2019 - With Andy Hsieh and Jesse Prescott

  • 2529 East 7th Avenue Flagstaff, AZ, 86004 United States (map)
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We need to be able to move in order to get out of pain, stay out of pain, get stronger, more mobile, agile, age gracefully etc.

The questions is: What if we don’t have access to the movements that are supposed to help? What if all the good movements hurt when we are doing them?

We know that glute bridges are supposed to help glute strengthening, but what if now matter how hard we try, we don’t feel the glutes when doing this exercise?

We know Squats are good for the body, but why does the knee, back or shoulder always hurt while we are doing these? Not matter what variation we try? “something doesn’t feel right”, "I know what I need to do but my body is not allowing me to do so”

- What’s going on here?

This are the questions we strive to answer.

During our workshop, we will explain why this is happening, HOW to ASSESS these situations, teach YOU what to Feel, what to look for in your client’s movements. WHEN to APPLY the corrective strategies.

Then Introduce you to our RRAMP Method - Release, Reset, Activate, Move, Progress - So you have a simple, malleable and adaptable system you can use for yourself and your clients whenever you need.

Coming up in Flagstaff Arizona on Sept 7&8th.

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